Cheap dent repair can end up costing hundreds more than quality dent repair!  I’ve heard the same line plenty of times; “I have a guy who can do it cheaper” or “the other guy quoted me $75, why are you more than twice that amount?” I like a great deal as much as anyone else but when it come to Paintless Dent Repair(PDR) the best deal is a quality repair.

  The saying; “Buy Cheap, Buy twice” couldn’t be more true when it comes to dent repair.  I’ve seen the horrible outcome of a cheap repair.  I’ve had a customer come to me with a dent that was attempted by a competitor.  Originally, I was the first one called.  I asked the specifics of the damage and provided a range of cost for the repair.  The customer stated they wanted to shop around.  I get a call from this customer a few weeks later and was asked to have an in-person damage evaluation. When I arrived, I immediately noticed that someone had attempted to repair the damage.

  I asked the customer “What happened? It appears that someone has attempted this.”  Customer stated that he had located another dent guy who was willing to do the repair for a fraction of what I was charging.  He asked me if I could clean it up.  It was hard to see a dent that was 100% repairable turned into a mangled mess. The previous dent guy ruined the panel, cracking the paint in several spots.  Now, the only solution is to have the body shop repair it with body filler and paint.  I advised him to contact the dent company and have them pay for the body shop to repair it.  Turns out they didn’t have business insurance and weren’t able to cover the cost of the body shop.

  This happens more often than you would expect.  The cheaper option is not always the best option. I would have been able to repair that damage and get the panel back to pre-damaged condition.  Saving the customer money and time.   

Click the link below  to see some of the bad repair attempts I have come across over the years.