Ultimate Dent Repair Services

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Mobile Dent Repair

You’d be surprised what paintless dent repair can handle. We work behind the scenes to carefully return the metal and paint back to its original position. No paint or filler is used so your car maintains is factory fresh look and original finish. Professional tools, a steady hand, and a little patience work like magic. It’s like the dent was never even there!


Minor Dings

From the classic door ding to the stray golf ball and everything in between, small dents are a PDR techs bread and butter. We’ll count them up and tackle each ding one at a time to ensure a clean job with no scars or scratches. We’ve worked on hundreds of vehicles, sport, luxury, and muscle. Every one left looking good as new. We guarantee our work will exceed what you’ve come to expect from dent techs.


Major Dents

Whether it’s a deer swipe or a garbage can in the way, big dents do happen and we are no stranger to repairing large dents. Before you take your vehicle to the bodyshop, give us a call first.  We may be able to repair that large dent within the same day, at your location.

2015 Chevy Equinox Roof 100's of dents

Hail Damage

Paintless dent removal is the industry’s preferred method for repairing hail damage. In fact, most insurance companies officially recognize PDR as a safe form of repair, so you can file a claim and save even more. Our professionally trained team of experts are capable of handling anything you can throw at them. Now all that’s left is to watch your blue book value sky rocket!