“I’ve seen the YouTube videos, seems easy enough.”  Dent repair seems easy when a trained professional is doing it.  It takes years of day to day practice to perform dent repair at the highest quality.  It is very easy to make an irreversible mistake when attempting dent repair.  My advice, let the professionals handle it.

I had a customer contact me for an estimate on their hail damaged vehicle.  I arrived and noticed that several dents were attempted.  The customer informed me the he had purchased a glue pull kit from eBay and watched a few YouTube videos on how to glue pull. He said it seemed easy so he felt comfortable trying to repair the damage himself. He was not happy to see what had become of the dents he attempted.

Dents were mounded, and took the shape of a volcano. This is common when working a big dent with the glue pull procedure.  The sides pucker up and the center still remains low, mimicking the shape of a volcano.  With multiple dents attempted by the customer, around the vehicle, I had my work cut out for me.  Dents that should have been simple to repair have now become much more difficult and time consuming.  In order to have a successful repair with those attempted dents, I had to make them twice as large as their original.  

Through added hours of repair time, I was able to successfully restoreall of the hail dents.  When I was packing up my tools, preparing to leave, the customer asked if I was interested in purchasing the glue pull tools he had purchased.  After close examination, I realized he managed to purchase some industry standard quality tools. To this day, when I see use these tools I remember that customer and his hail damaged Subaru.  This customer was so lucky, it is typical for a DIY dent repair to become disastrous and require a body shop to repaint.