There are a lot of factors that can effect the cost of your Dent Repair.  We start our pricing at $150 for a 1 inch dent that is in an accessible area.  Some factors that can add to the cost are; the panel being Aluminum or High Strength Steel(HSS), dent is on a bodyline/crease, dent is inaccessible through any factory openings and depth of the dent.  Keep in mind, we obtain the skill to provide a high quality repair and our prices reflect that.  There are cheaper dent repair technicians, there are not able to repair the types of damage the we are and don’t come close to the quality that we consistently provide.


Measuring The Dent

We start with setting up our light to see the entirety of the dent. We mark the outside edges of the dent(top and bottom or left and right).

Then we measure the markings to obtain the size of the dent.


Aluminum, Steel or HSS

We use a magnet to determine whether the panel is Aluminum or Steel.  Our estimating software will inform us if the panel is HSS.

*Steel = Magnetic

*Aluminum =  Not Magnetic



The most common door ding is repairable through the window opening.  If the dent is located toward the bottom of the door, we may possibly remove the door panel adding to the cost. Another option is to repair the dent with a Glue Pull Process(GPDR).  The success of repairing a dent with GPDR is determined by the sharpness of the dent and wear and tear of the paint.  If paint is chipped off from the occurrence of the ding, then there is a high chance of more paint pulling off. This repair can be very time consuming and has an effect on the cost of repair.


Depth of the Dent 

The depth of the dent adds to the difficulty of repair as does the sharpness of the dent.  This type of damage is very time consuming so it adds to the cost of repair. A dent on a bodyline/crease is also more difficult and time consuming. The structure of the vehicle’s bodyline/crease is rigid and very difficult to reshape.


Dent Repair Cost Estimate

To generate the cost of repair, we start by scanning the vehicle’s VIN barcode with our invoicing software. The software scans the vehicle’s VIN barcode to obtain the vehicles basic information(year, make and model).  Then we input the size of the dent along with the factors.  The software then generates the final repair cost.