How I Started My Dent Repair Business

Around the age of thirteen I started shadowing my father in the Paintless Dent Repair industry. I started by removing door panels and headliners, so that he would be able to gain access to the dents from behind. While working with my father I was able to understand the ins and outs of various car models and how I could access the dents from inside the panels. This allowed me to understand the process to effectively remove dents and dings without the need of replacing panels and using body filler that could lead to a possible paint imperfection. Even at the age of thirteen I found the process fascinating, to have the ability to repair a damaged vehicle while maintaining the integrity of the vehicles factory finish, seemed like such a great service and something that was missing from the auto industry.

In 2016 I spent eight months working in Denver and fell in love with Colorado. I couldn’t get enough of the fresh air and abundant sunshine. It was a great contrast to my home in Chicago, Illinois. Because of this, my family and I decide to call Colorado home. While working for some of the most highly rated Dent Repair companies in Denver, I was astonished to discover the lack of respect and skill that goes into repairing vehicles. Ultimate Dent Repair is
the solution.

Since my start into repairing dents I was more focused on properly repairing vehicles. It allowed me to better my skill level and provide customers with an immaculate repair.

Owner: Brandon

My vow is to complete a repair to 100% satisfaction of the customer. I take pride in my work and want the outcome to show that.

I love repairing dents, it offers challenging and very rewarding work. I enjoy seeing the reaction of satisfied customers when they see their once damaged vehicle look like brand new!