PDR, short for Paintless Dent Repair, is an art!  It is the art of removing dents and dings from a vehicle without the need for paint or body filler.  Started back in the late eighties and over three decades later has blossomed to unbelievable advancements.  From the variety of advanced tools that are readily available to the shared knowledge from peer to peer.  It has given us the ability to push the possibilities of repair!

The process appears to be a simple task.  Push the dent flat from the underside and tap down any raised portion.  If only it were that easy!  It takes a lot of practice to understand the right amount of pressure to use along with the best tool and best point of access.  With more of the new tool manufacturers being created by dent repair professionals, the repairs that were once not repairable through pdr are now considered a great candidate for the dent repair process.

Having the right tool for the job is very important!  When I first started in the dent repair business, I remember my tool options being limited and they all seem to have the same look with minor differences.  With dents not getting any smaller, and car manufacturers advancing in collision safety, the need for tool innovation is imperative.  We have tools now that allow us so much access, control and power with reducing the amount of strain to our body.  Having this advancement in tools only opens the possibilities to what is considered repairable.